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About Francine Ronis, LPC

Connection. Relationship. Love. This is what being human is about. And yet, it can be very difficult to feel connected and loved, especially in our busy society. We all stumble. Many of us lack role models for true connection, which requires intimacy, vulnerability, truth, and yes, pain and conflict.


My initial years as a therapist focused on attachment between parents and children, and with expanding knowledge and experience, I’ve learned how much we need these same attachments and attunement as adults.

Joy and meaning come from leaning into vulnerability and intimacy with ourselves and others. As we learn how to be comfortable in the difficult times, we grow. In our work together within the therapeutic relationship, I will help you connect with your internal world and share your authentic self safely in your life with others. This is key to finding our way out of pain, suffering and aloneness; ultimately resolving depression, anxiety and addiction.

Supporting you on your journey

We all struggle sometimes. I have been there and bring my experience, compassion and empathy to our relationship to help you release old, unhelpful habits and patterns. We will work together to dig deep and find the tools to transform pain into growth. In sessions, I use a systemic approach by bringing in my knowledge of attachment, trauma resolution, IFS, emotionally focused therapy, somatic modalities, DBT, holistic therapies, yoga and mindfulness.

Parent Support

Raising children in an ever changing world can be a challenge. Knowing how to talk about the tough stuff is hard, yet, within the communication is an opportunity to help children and teens learn to open up to their complex inner world and to share it with those they rely on. I utilize various modalities to help caregivers connect with young people to work through the difficult developmental tasks and guide them into healthy and successful maturity. During our work together, I support parents in developing their attunement and intuition, learn about development, understand and set appropriate boundaries to have a balanced and enjoyable family life.  

My personal and professional background to becoming a Family Therapist

My journey to healer has been life-long. I have stumbled along the way and learned to see that within the stumbles are the lessons. When we accept our shared humanity, we grow. In my down time, I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising and practicing yoga, hiking, mountain biking, volunteering, fostering animals and trying new things. I love having authentic conversations!

Practical info

I earned a Masters of Arts and a Masters of Education. I am trauma certified therapist. I hold licenses to practice in Virginia and Pennsylvania and offer sessions in-person and virtually.

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